2022-2023 Student Body Leadership

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 ASB Officers. President - Franklin Weeks Vice-President - Elliott Lee Secretary - Gabi Garcia Treasurer - Sam Javadi Communications Officer - Jack Sappington

THS students are led by A.S.B. officers, which lead Student Council. Officers are elected every year by the student body and work with advisors Rachelle Metcalfe. They organize activities such as Homecoming and the annual Food Drive, Blood Drive and more that bring our students together.

Student Council serves as a training experience for both leaders and followers, promotes student activities, gives students a share in the the management of the school, develops high ideals of personal conduct, interests students in school affairs, and helps solve problems that may arise. Members of the Council are your representatives and have direct access to the school administration.

Senior Fancy Dinner 2021
senior dinner 2021

On Saturday, May 8, a special event was held for THS Seniors. Due to COVID and all of the rules and regulations, we found we could not put on a traditional Prom. We knew we wanted to do something special, but what? After a clever suggestion by a few Seniors, we decided to provide a fancy dinner evening, complete with a 3 course catered dinner, entertainment from Portland and enough cool prizes that every student that attended went home with one. Zweifel's Hydrangea Ranch graciously donated the use of the outdoor pavilion and beautiful floral arrangements for each table. THS staff members became waiters for the evening. Tillamook Cheese provided super appetizer trays and Steve Stelzig from Smokin' Steve's catered the dinner. Topping it off was Crumbl Cookies, which are more like a cake, they are so huge! Dacia Rolston was our wandering photographer and provided a great selection of memories for the evening. I gathered just a few of the photos for the montage that is attached. The students were very engaged with the entertainment by Henrik Bothe, who has appeared on television and events all across the country. All in all it was a magical evening. My team of Chris Beeman and Rachelle Metcalfe made it possible to create this special time for our Seniors. I know that all of us adult staff members were blessed by seeing the happiness on the student's faces, knowing that this was yet another "thinking outside of the box" event during this crazy year that was provided with the intent of keeping our year as close to "normal" as possible. It was a great night to be a Cheesemaker! Enjoy a few of the photos from the evening.

Shelley Hurliman Junior Class Advisor

THS Choir sings our Alma Mater Song
music notes

Our choir teacher, Emma Bergman coordinated a fun project: Tillamook High School choir students learned and recorded themselves singing this piece from their homes during distance learning in the fall of 2020 and Emma put it all together. Tillamook, Our Alma Mater, is based on the arrangement by Lawrence Burnett for the Carleton College Choirs. Great job THS Choir! Mooks! CLICK HERE TO HEAR!