gratitude month

Gratitude is the simplest way to change one's perspective of the world. It allows us to appreciate the positive, rather than focus on the negative aspects of our lives. Learning to be grateful helps us appreciate the little things in life that we tend to take for granted, which brings about a deep feeling of satisfaction that fulfills and nourishes us.

National Gratitude Month was an initiative started by Stacey Grewal, who believes gratitude to be an essential ingredient of a happy and fulfilling life. When one embraces gratitude, they immediately shift their focus from the negative to the positive things in their lives.

Being always grateful does not mean that one would deny the fact that negative things happen in life (that would be delusional); it means finding and focusing more on the good. It means finding something something to be grateful for amid the preponderance of bitterness and hardship.

Gratitude has proven to generate a positive impact on psychological, physical, and personal wellbeing. Practicing gratitude or reflecting on what you are grateful for is an effective way to deal with life's chaotic, stressful and tense moments. Grateful people tend to sleep better, have lower stress levels, exercise more often and eat healthier.

Coincidentally, Thanksgiving falls in Gratitude Month. On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrate gratitude. So if you are the kind of person who needs a special occasion to be thankful, then Gratitude Month is the encouragement you have been looking for.