Tillamook High School Counseling Center

Guidance and Counseling The purpose of the guidance and counseling center is to assist students in their educational, career, and personal-social development. We offer developmental guidance and counseling program designed for all students:

  1. Helps students develop personal decision-making skills and self-acceptance
  2. Interprets data to students, parents, teachers, administrators and others as authorized
  3. Assists in identifying students who have special abilities or needs
  4. Assists students and parents with educational/occupational planning and provides information for obtaining financial assistance when appropriate
  5. Helps students make appropriate choices of school schedules and subjects
  6. Encourages students and parents to utilize available community resources when needed
  7. Assists students in transferring from school to school and from school to employment.

Counselors are available before, during and after school. With the teacher’s permission,students may come to the guidance office during a class period. It is best to make an appointment with a counselor ahead of time in order to assure prompt service.

Staff Members