OSAA Rule - An eligible student must be enrolled full time and making satisfactory progress as defined in this rule.

  • Full Time Enrollment. For purposes of this rule, a full time student is one who is enrolled in high school, attending regularly and passing in courses offered by a high school, college, work experience or other school-approved educational activities (including summer school or night school) equivalent to at least the quantity listed on the appropriate line of the chart below. In addition, a full time student shall have been enrolled in school, attended regularly and passed subjects equivalent to at least the quantity listed on the appropriate line of the chart below during the immediate preceding transcripted grading period.
  • Satisfactory Progress Toward Graduation. In addition to the specific credit requirement identified in Rule 8.1.1., to be scholastically eligible, a student must be making satisfactory progress towards the school's graduation requirements by earning a minimum of the quantity of credits indicated on the chart below prior to the start of the specified year.
Tillamook High School Eligibility

All Tillamook High School students will have grade checks each week to determine their academic standing.

THS will conduct an OSAA Eligibility Check (see above) at the start of every season. All students participating in OSAA sanctioned activities must have passed 4 classes during the previous grading period to be eligible for the new season.

Each Wednesday during the trimester, grade checks will be conducted to check student academic progress. Any student with more than one “F” will have until Monday at 9:30am to improve their grade to a “C” or better.

The first three weeks of each trimester will be a probationary period in which grades will be checked and students, teachers, and coaches will be notified of students who are academically at risk. Students participating in OSAA sanctioned activities that have a single F (letter grade, not percentage) will continue to be able to participate in practices and in games (including away games) while they work to improve their grades. Student-athletes who are failing more than one class after Monday, 3rd period will be considered ineligible for the remainder of the week. Students may still practice but may not participate in competition until such time they are not failing more than one class.

The following OSAA athletics and activities are subject to Tillamook High School grade checks:

Band, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Choir, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Speech, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Tillamook High School requires students earn 26 credits in order to graduate.