The BIG List of Scholarships

Click HERE to view a huge list of scholarships for trade schools & college. There is something for everyone. Check back often as Ms. Kephart will be updating as new opportunities arrive.

Meet Ms. Kephart

Hello! My name is Brianne Kephart and I am your College & Career Advisor. I am here to help provide our students as many opportunities to achieve their future goals and ambitions as possible. I am here as support from high school to life beyond. You can locate me in the College & Career Center at the front of the THS Library.

Brianne Kephart

503.842.2566 ext. 2320

College & Career Contact
Job Hiring

Job Opportunity Corner

Need a job? They are out there. All you have to do is apply! Check out this list of local companies that are looking for help. There are also volunteer opportunities on this list. Check this list often as Ms. Kephart will be updating it often. For more information about jobs on the list, ask Ms. Kephart. Good Luck!

Click HERE to see the list.