Welcome Chris Lee aka Coach Lee
Christopher Lee

Tillamook High School has a lot of new staff this fall. One of these new, friendly faces is Chris Lee aka Coach Lee who moved clear across the U.S.A. to join us at THS. Chris is our new Health/Discovery/PE teacher and also our new Varsity Girls Basketball Coach.

Chris’ hometown is Reston, Virginia, a community in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He attended high school at BBCA (Bethlehem Baptist Christian Academy) where he played basketball and baseball. In addition to playing sports in high school, he also played basketball at Mercersburg Academy Prep School in Pennsylvania.

He graduated from Virginia State University, majoring in Health and Phys Ed and previously taught at Grove Christian School in Richmond, Virginia.

Chris has many interests outside of school, including his faith, sports, food and politics. He loves being outdoors in the sunlight and I’m sure he will be able to really enjoy our Oregon outdoors and sun as it is not hot and humid like Virginia! He also appreciates being near the water and mountains. Family is also very important to Chris; his mother, father, sister and his three children all live in Virginia.

Chris loves coaching and is a very experienced coach, as he has been coaching since 2007. He coached a player who went on to play in the NBA and another who went on to play D-1 basketball. He’s also coached players who went on to play college football and baseball.

When asked what his first impressions are of Tillamook, Chris stated that he LOVES it. He says it is the most beautiful place he has ever seen or lived. Welcome to THS, Chris Lee!

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